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These are the therapies available at our center, if you are interested to make an appointment, please call +603-77290068 (12:30pm - 9:00pm) or +6012-2046607 (Eunice)

Oracle Card Reading

Let your Angels help you!

The Angel Card is a tool as a doorway to access the wisdom and guidance of your guardian Angels and Archangels. This reading will help you find direction in your life, find out which angels are currently helping you, heal and release painful fears and blocks, and much more. There is nothing you can’t ask your Angels that they won’t help you with!

The readings assist you to

  • Discover your life purpose/lessons and talents
  • Advice / Guidance from the Angels & Masters
  • Learn how to live life differently in the direction you wish
The practitioner combines the energies of the cards with his/her own intuition and channeling to receive messages direct from your guides and angels. If healing is needed as a result of the energies being read, then you will receive the healing during the session itself.

Practitioner: Eunice Phang
Energy Exchange: RM 150 per hour