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Tumbled Stones...

Many as low as RM5 / pcs (i.e. Red Jasper, Carnelian, Aventurine, Blue Laced Agate, Citrine (heat treated), Amethyst, Hematite, Picture Jasper, Tiger Eye, Rose Quartz, Howlite...)

Also available: Black Tourmaline, Green / Blue Tourmaline, Sunstone, Moonstone, Malachite, Seraphinite, Angelite, more...

and more....

Special promotion...

CQ Cluster 01

CQ Cluster 02

CQ Cluster 03

CQ Cluster 04

CQ Cluster 06

CQ Cluster 08 (Lemurian Seed Cluster)

Red Hematite Phantom Pointers

These are Red Hematite Phantom Pointers.
Price range from RM33 - RM193

Sample of Special Stones...

Pink Snowball Amethyst Cluster (Amethyst)

This is a Pink Snowball Amethyst Cluster. It is named so due to the exhibition of the pink-snowball-like inclusions within the mineral. This is a stone the brings positivity in all areas, and promoting advanced healing in our world.

Bi-Color Star Aragonite - Sold

RARE! Bi-color Star Aragonite. A collector item.

Citrine Cathedral with Black Rutile - Sold

This is a beautiful Light Citrine Cathedral Quartz Crystal with included Black Rutile hairs. The Cathedral formation is outstanding and unparalleled. This crystal has good transparency. There is a Majestic energy to this crystal and it speaks of ancestry and other times (both past and future). The black rutiles amplify this and offer further insight. This is truly a masterpiece of Mother Nature.

Citrine with Black Tourmaline - Sold

This is a high quality polished Tourmalinated Rainbow Citrine Quartz Crystal. This piece is literally filled with the most beautiful rainbows! It is water clear and has many Black Tourmaline crystals embedded near the base. One of the unique features of Citrine is that it integrates emotional trauma, pulling together whatever needs to be ingested energetically, especially emotionally, and infusing it into the light body system. The rainbows will tend to dissolve any negativity associated with these emotions. Together with the Black Tourmaline, this crystal can work to ground and renew your energy field. A very dynamic and healing stone.


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