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Crystal Cleansing & Activation

A guide to cleansing crystals...

Crystal cleansing refers more than just removing dirt from the stones. From the perspective of crystals, it also means discharging the unwanted energy of the stones and restoring the unique vibrating energy of the stones. So, it is important to cleanse a crystal when you receive it. Crystals naturally absorb energy and cleansing it removes energy it has picked up along the way before reaching you. Cleanse your crystals after you have been working energetically with them, such as in healing work or meditation, as they absorb the person’s energy you have been healing and it can be passed on if you don’t clean it out of the crystals.

When to cleanse

You will know when a crystal you have been working with needs to be cleansed. Quartz crystals may become cloudier, where they were bright and clear before, other crystals will lose their lustre. Some crystals physically feel denser or heavier, like they are carrying a burden or extra load. The crystals you wear or have around the house will need cleansing regularly, depending on how much you wear them or how much action is going on in the house. Also, you will need to cleanse your quartz crystal when you want to reprogram it to do something else.

Methods for cleansing crystals

Soak in Sea Salt – Salt absorbs and removes the negative energy from the crystals and is an effective cleansing agent.

Put the crystals into a container. Use natural rough sea salt to soak the crystals for 24 hours. DO NOT use table salt or those meant for cooking as home salt are chemically processed. Choose to use sea salt instead as they are form by the nature.

Sea salt can be easily purchased from aquariums. After that, rinse the crystals thoroughly with running water. Make sure that the sea salt is totally removed.

Some crystal clusters may be sensitive and fragile towards this method too. Using salt has a possibility of separating them. And some crystals may be set in silver, white gold or gold materials (e.g. pendants, rings etc) or carry metallic properties (such as pyrite) so using salt will damage these materials.

Nonetheless, salt remains an effective cleanser and is one of the widely used methods today.

Water – Cold running water from the tap is fine for most crystals. Never use warm or hot water. Hold the crystals under running water for 3 to 4 minutes. As you do so, visualise all negative energies dissolving and washing away, transforming into positive healing energy. Dry it and then expose it to the open air.

Alternately, rinse or bathe your crystals in rain-water, water from a spring, a stream, the beach, a river or sacred source, even in a waterfall (make sure you hold on to them or they can get swept away). Dry them naturally in gentle sunlight.

Water is not recommended for soaking calcite, opals (doublets and triplets), pearls, celestite, unpolished malachite or turquoise as due to their composition they can dissolve or be permanently damaged.

Visualise a flow of clear, pure mountain water going through the crystal, washing away all impurities and seeing them transformed into positive healing energy.

Crystals – This is a commonly used method as it cleanses and charges the crystals at the same time. Amethyst and Citrine geodes or clusters can be used to cleanse crystals. Place your crystals in/on the geode/cluster for approx. 2 hours and they will emerge completely energised. Alternatively, Selenite, Kyanite or Apophyllite have natural cleansing properties. Place some in the centre of your crystals to keep them cleansed between use.

Grounding – If you have a garden, you can bury your crystals under the soil. Ground energy can be used to cleanse the crystals. (Make sure you the spot where you buried your crystal)

Smoke – Native Americans traditionally perform crystal cleansing using white sage or sagebrush. Light the sage and allow the crystals to sit in the smoke or pass through it.

Sound – Clear sound vibration are excellent way to cleanse a group of crystals. Put the crystals in a singing bowl, tap and allow the note to resonate through the stones.

Sun & Moon – Morning sunlight gently energize & cleanses your crystals and moonlight is a softer way to let light filter through your crystals and cleanse them. The best time for this is a full moon. Sunlight method is NOT recommended for stones susceptible to fading: Aventurine, Amethyst, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Kunzite, Calcite (Calcite may get milky look after Sun bathing)

Visualize – Visualize a flow of bright white light going through the crystal, washing away all impurities and seeing them transformed into positive healing energy.