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Light On Earth is very excited to announce that we are now offering The Wisdom Light® Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl imported directly from U.S.A. Currently, we offer frosted bowls in various sizes.

Did you know? Each of our Chakras have a tone associated to their vibrational rate, starting with C note at the Root Chakra, and ending with B note at the Crown.

Chakra tuned Singing bowls means that on top of specifying the bowl's size, you may also specify the desired musical note or chakra that the singing bowl is tuned to, regardless of size (depending on availability). However, the larger sized bowls would usually result to a note on the lower octave, and vice versa with smaller bowls.

Corresponding tones respective to their chakras - chakras quality as follows:
C - Root Chakra - Grounding . Abundance
D - Sacral Chakra - Creativity . Relationship
E - Solar Plexus Chakra - Self Empowerment . Confidence
F - Heart Chakra - Love
F# - Higher Heart Chakra - Thymus . Immunity
G - Throat Chakra - Communication . Expression
A - Third Eye Chakra - Intuition .  Clairvoyant
B - Crown Chakra - Sprituality . Connection to Source
High C - The Wisdom Light® Soul StarTM - Working with your Soul Purpose

Feel free to drop by our location for a live demonstration.


Purchasing / Ordering Information

Light On Earth will be stocking some singing bowls of popular size & notes in the shop starting May 2010.
However, due to the customization available ...

( 9 tones x 15 sizes ) = 135 different possible combination

We have decided not to keep every possible combination in stock.

You have the option Cash & Carry what is available in the shop, or place a special order of what you specifically would like.
A 20% deposit is required for all special orders.

For more information on different Crystal Singing Bowls, and how to use them, please scroll to the bottom of page.

Available Size & Respective Pricing:

Classic Frosted Bowl

 Size Price
 12" RM1600
 14" RM1700
 16" RM1900
 18" ASK
 20" ASK