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Belieflets® is a group healing meditation based on the work of ThetaHealing®. As taught in ThetaHealing® (and outside of theta healing as well!), a person's beliefs (or thoughts), create his or her reality.

If we find an area or areas of our life not working out the way we would like them to, there's beliefs to be changed in that area.

Many of these beliefs may come from past lives, from genetic lineage, from historical references, imprinted since young... it doesn't matter. There is no shame in having had beliefs that doesn't serve you now (they were there because they probably once served you in a very different circumstances). What is important, is the courage to acknowledge them, and to let them go NOW, and free yourself now, and free your future from that which is unwanted.

Belieflets is a group meditation for the healing and downloads of more than 1001 beliefs. Your beliefs create your reality, change your beliefs, change your reality. Have fun!

A different topic is covered in each session as follows:

Session 1: 1001 Beliefs about Love & Relationship
Date: 31 Dec 2011 , 2pm-6pm

Session 2: 1001 Beliefs about Money & Success

Date: 1 Jan 2012, 2pm-6pm

Session 3: 1001 Beliefs about Body & Food

Date: 1 Apr 2012, 2pm - 6pm

More to come...
Session 4:

Workshop Fee: RM250 (per Session)
Facilitator: Lewis Tee

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