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Theta Healing® Day


Theta Healing Day is a day Light On Earth dedicate to Theta Healing® on a monthly basis. 

A day of introduction for people who are new to Theta Healing, and who would like to find out more about this technique.

Also a day for Theta Healing practitioners to gather and share their experiences, to hone their healing skills and be healed themselves. The event starts with a short introduction about Theta Healing, and is follow by healing sessions by certified practitioners.

This allows practitioners who have busy schedules to set aside a time to meet up and to share their experiences, questions and answers.

Light On Earth encourages Theta Healers to come together on this day, to practice with each other or to introduce Theta Healing to someone new. Practitioners are welcomed to bring their friends and family to this event.

Fees for practitioners: RM10
Fees for non-practitioners: RM20 ( Includes one healing session by a certified Theta Healer®)

This minimal energy exchange goes towards the maintenance of Light On Earth, utility fees & refreshments. Additional donations are appreciated & welcomed.

For more info, please contact Light On Earth at the information below:
Office: 03-77290068 (Tues - Sat 12pm - 10pm ; Sun 12pm - 8pm)
Lewis: 012-2679328 (sms preferred)
Eunice: 012-2046607 (sms preferred)