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ThetaHealing Basic Workshop

Theta Healing Practitioner courses are open to everyone, whether you are learning for your own personal interest and self development, would like to become a Practitioner for the first time, or are an existing Practitioner who wants to add Theta Healing techniques to your existing toolkit.

Prerequisite: None required.
Includes: Vianna's ThetaHealing Book and Manual 

Basic DNA introduces ThetaHealing® techniques and focuses on activating the 12 strands of DNA within each participant. The chronos, or youth and vitality chromosome is activated, the telomeres are strengthened to reverse the aging process, and students experience an opening to the Unconditional Love of the Creator.

The heart of this class is the practice of techniques that allow you to change life patterns held in place by core, genetic, historic and soul beliefs, either self inflicted or externally imposed. The student will learn to identify his/her own beliefs as well as to practice pulling them for others in the class. This practice can quickly reveal systems of belief that might take traditional psychotherapy years to uncover, showing the body how to replace limiting beliefs or feelings with positive ones. Issues of safety are emphasized, especially when making genetic changes in the body.

Other topics and exercises include learning discernment when working with guides and guardian angels, an introduction to the laws of manifestation, doing future readings, balancing seretonin and noradrenaline levels, pulling heavy metals and radiation, soul mates, waywards and implants, Seven Planes of Existence, and the protocols for healing a great variety of conditions and diseases working with the Creator. By the end of the seminar, the student is prepared to become a practitioner of ThetaHealing as a ThetaHealer®.

Theta Healing Basic DNA Workshops @ Bandar Utama, Malaysia

No Prerequisite

Time: 10am - 6pm
Facilitator: Lewis & Eunice
Workshop Fee: RM1880
Early Bird Promotion: RM1600 (Full Payment / Deposit 1 week before workshop date)

ThetaHealing® Origin

ThetaHealing® is a technique that teaches how to put to use our natural intuition, relying upon unconditional love of Creator Of All That Is to do the actual “work”. We believe by changing your brain wave cycle to include the “Theta” state, you can actually watch the Creator Of All That Is create instantaneous physical and emotional healing.

Upon learning the technique of ThetaHealing, you will see that everyone has intuitive abilities that can be used to bring about spontaneous physical and emotional healing. Using this personal process, you will help yourself, as well as your friends and family.

ThetaHealing® is designed by Vianna as a therapeutic self-help guide to develop the ability to change on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually using the Creator of all That Is. ThetaHealing® is best known for the Belief and Feeling Work on all four levels; Core, Gene, History, and Soul. With growing scientific evidence that toxic emotion can contribute to disease and the awareness that emotions, feelings and the power of thought have a direct bearing upon our physical health, there is increasing interest in changing how the mind influences the body to create optimum health. Belief and Feeling Work empower people with the ability to remove and replace negative emotions, feelings and thoughts with positive, beneficial ones. ThetaHealing® can be most easily described as an attainable miracle for your life.

ThetaHealing® is also best known for the 7 Planes of Existence; a concept to connect to the Highest Level of Love and Energy of All That Is. Using this concept, the practitioner can achieve the highest clarity and wisdom love.

In 1995 Vianna Stibal a Naturopath, Massage Therapist, and Intuitive Reader at the time, discovered that the way she did Readings could do an instant healing. Vianna, a mother of three young children was diagnosed with cancer that was quickly destroying her right femur. Everything she had tried using conventional and alternative medicine had failed. Then she discovered that the simple technique she used in Readings could heal. Her leg was instantaneously healed. She added this knowledge to her sessions with clients and in the classes she was teaching. Curious to understand why the technique was working, Vianna solicited the help of a physicist and with an electrocephalograph discovered that the simple technique tapped Theta waves. Over many years of practicing the technique, Vianna believes the technique utilizes a Theta wave to achieve an instant healing. Through thousands of clients she discovered not only an amazing way to connect with the creative energy that moves in all things, but that this energy could change instantly Beliefs and Feelings that are linked to sickness.

But of the most profound discovery was that the technique could be taught to others. Vianna, the founder of ThetaHealing®, has taught this technique to thousand of people. She has trained others to teach some of her classes of ThetaHealing® as well. This technique is one of the most amazing experiences of life.

ThetaHealing® Testimonials

I first learned about ThetaHealing® in late 2001. I found Vianna because I was sick for 7 years and no one knew what was wrong. Not the doctors, not the homeopathist, not the aryuvedic practitioner, not the herbalists, etc. When Vianna was able to pinpoint the source of this illness as long-term exposure to toxic mold and to teach me how to do a healing on myself to change my cortisol level so I could breathe, she had my attention.

I hosted a workshop for Vianna in Los Angeles in 2002, where I became a certified ThetaHealing™ Practitioner. Since then I have taken all of Vianna's workshops repeatedly and teach the work myself.

As a full-time professional ThetaHealing® Teacher and Practitioner I have had the honor and privilege to witness many miracles. Early in my practice I witnessed partial blindness heal completely. I have seen cancer disappear, watched broken bones heal instantly, witnessed a second degree radiation burn heal completely, seen hearing be completely restored to someone who was deaf without hearing aids, watched an ear drum perforated in a hit and run car accident heal, witnessed macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma disappear, watched SARS and West Nile virus disappear, watched migraines clear, witnessed Crohns attacks stop within minutes and witnessed thousands of physical and emotional healings. People unable to sleep for years have slept through the night after a single session. I've seen people become free of emotional scars that they carried for over 50 years - including scars from internment in Nazi prison camps, abuse and loss of a child. Many of these healings of diagnosed conditions were proclaimed miracles by the doctors who diagnosed them. ThetaHealing® has changed my own life in miraculous ways as well. I have recovered from my exposure to toxic mold, which nearly killed me. My life is healthier, happier, richer and more abundant from applying ThetaHealing® to my own issues. I teach ThetaHealing® and have been privileged to watch scores of students heal their bodies and their lives. ThetaHealing® works and it works miracles.

Terry A. O'Connell, Idaho Falls, ID - ThetaHealing® Master

I have witnessed a lot of unusual things in my life but nothing that would have prepared for what I would experience in the world of Vianna’s ThetaHealing®. My very first experience was working with Vianna on a patient of mine who had seven brain tumors which were secondary to lung cancer. The woman was dying from the compression of the brain due to the tumors. I heard she was unconscious and unable to speak before going to the hospital basically in a coma after having a night filled with epileptic type seizures due to the brain tumors. Before leaving to go to the hospital I began working on her at a distance from home. Connecting to the creator I first had seen her on the astral plane as lying in the hospital with a sheet pulled over her head. Using ThetaHealing® I took her astral body up to the 7 th plane of existence to bath her in unconditional love. When I arrived at the hospital she was unconscious. I continued to use ThetaHealing® to heal her body and before I left she became conscious and talked briefly. By the next day she was lucid and talking. At this point she was able to have a phone consultation with Vianna. Vianna told her not to be surprised if the doctors couldn’t find the tumors the next time they did a MRI brain scan. I returned once more to continue ThetaHealing® on this woman. 4 days later the doctors stated that all the tumors on MRI had reduced by more than 40% and determined that the tumors were dying. At this point after not being able to walk or move her limbs she gained control of her body. It was truly amazing to witness.

My father was diagnosed with a deep invasive carcinoma of the esophagus. This type of esophageal cancer has less than a 30% survival rate even with surgery, radiation and chemo therapy. My father and I discussed that there was no point to all the invasive treatments with little hope of a cure and the reduction of his standard of living if he went through all these treatments at age 79 with removal of his esophagus. He was also diagnosed with prostate cancer. I decided I wanted to have Vianna work with my father on the prostate cancer because of the possibility of some core belief issues that may be too personal for my father to discuss with me. I was assisting Vianna who was in Los Angeles teaching an Advanced ThetaHealing™ seminar and during the seminar I was sitting and in a very deep theta state and decided to work on my father with a distance healing. I visualized entering his body after connecting first with God. I saw the tumor inside is esophagus. I asked God to show me what needed to be done to remove the cancer. I spoke with the cancer so it would realize that it was hurting my father’s body, watching in disappear up to God’s light. The image was so strong when I arrived home I called my father and said “don’t be surprised if they can’t find the cancer on the ‘PET’ scan.” He went into the hospital 4 days later to have the PET scan to determine the size of the cancer and COULDN’T FIND IT! He called me very excited saying they couldn’t find the cancer! Here’s where the story gets really interesting. One week later the doctors call my father and say “well just because we can’t find the cancer it doesn’t mean you don’t have cancer.” Then they said “you still have cancer.” As my father told me this I felt has though the cancer had come back, because his belief system of [‘everything doctors say is true’] was so strong for his generation believing doctors are infallible. At the time I said well now I think you should go back in and have another endoscopic survey of the esophagus. Sure enough they went in a found cancer, HOWEVER, after biopsy they found it wasn’t the same cancer. It changed. The first cancer was deep and invasive and now this one was superficial like skin cancer. This new cancer was easily treatable with a new photo-resonate therapy which I suggested he do because I felt he believed he needed to do some medical approach. Well a year to the day later the cancer came back in the same spot. At this point I had him fly out from Florida so we could spend time clearing his emotional belief systems which were causing the cancer to come back. He went back to the hospital and they couldn’t find the cancer. 100s of biopsies later and no cancer!

Kenneth Best, D.C. Los Angeles, California